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    industrial rcc building structural analysis
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    Steel structural design of Substation Gantry
    USD  1000
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    We have senior civil and structural engineers to design substation gantry tower structures, beams and equipment support structures for substations rated 132/220/400KV. The design calculations are made using staad pro software. Drawings are prepared either in Autocad or microstation power draft. We are regularly designing similar gantry structures in many substations in several countries.
    Industrial RCC building structural analysis by Staad pro software
    USD  1000
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    We are regularly carrying out industrial building design using staad pro software. These buildings are used in EHV substations and various kind of industrial projects. Our engineers have long experience of delivering optimised civil design of such single / double / multi storied building for housing of electrical panels, switchgears etc. The designs are done as per client's technical specification and international standards like BS/ASCE etc.
    Transmission Line Tower Design
    USD  3000
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    Based on Sag & Tension calculations (by PLS CADD) and wind loads, the loading on different parts of the Transmission Line Tower is obtained. Such loading tree is then fed to Staad pro software for the structural analysis. Our senior engineers have thorough experience in designing of Transmission Line Tower structures as per international standards.
    Harmonic Analysis
    USD  2000
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    We do harmonic analysis study for electrical HV and LV systems of various industries. The study is done by ETAP software on the basis of system inputs collected from site and also from drawings.
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    Electrical layout plan and elevation shows location of different electrical equipment in switch yards and control buildings and also in plant electrical rooms. The drawing also shows clearances among various equipment, clearances with walls or building structures, clearances from mechanical equipment in the shop floor and maintenance areas for removal and overhauling of electrical equipment. Building dimensions (LxWxH) are decided on the basis of these drawings. Finalization of these drawings also allow designing of cable trenches, earthing systems, lighting and lightning protection layouts of the substation and electrical buildings. We can offer following type of electrical layout drawings : EHV air insulated switchyard layout plan and elevation. EHV gas insulated substation layout plan and elevation. Electrical layout plan and elevation of Switchyard control building. Electrical layout plan and elevation of Indoor substation buildings. Layout plan and elevation of LT switchgear rooms. Layout plan and elevation of LT MCC rooms in plant buildings. SCADA room Layout. PLCC room layout. Battery room layout. Plant PLC control room layout.
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    We evaluate techno-commercial bids of following systems, equipment and material or for EPC turn key bids, We do necessary correspondences with the bidders to take clarifications and bring all of them at same par. After evaluation, a technical evaluation report is sent to Client suggesting whose offers are technically most suitable with respect to the Project requirement. Offers of technically most suitable offers are then opened for price evaluation. EHV/HV/MV/LV Circuit breakers, Isolators, CT, PT, CVT, LA. Switch yard hardware, clamps, connectors, post & disc insulators. Power and distribution transformers. Earthing and lightning protection material. Power cables. Control cables. Fiber optic and instrument cables. LT switchgear and MCC panels. HV/LV motors. Substation automation system. Substation control & relay protection systems. Lighting fixtures and small power sockets. PLC & plant control desks. Erection, testing and commissioning of plant and machinery. Civil works. Steel structural works. Architectural works.
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    We provide prebid engineering services for electrical, civil, structural, substation automation, HVAC, plant controls & automation systems, equipment and materials for Large industrial projects like EHV T&D substations, Indoor/outdoor industrial substations, EBOP of Thermal power plants, Material handling plants, Steel plants, process industries and misc. industries, factory sheds in India and abroad. We already have standardized formats in computer programs for doing these exercises in short time span. The estimated BOQ can be supplied at a nominal cost and within 7-15 days time. The activity is controlled by senior experienced Consultants and designers. Following input are required to carry out this activity : Scope of work Technical specifications Tender drawings
    USD  10000
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    We have the resources and expertise to carry out preliminary route survey, approval of route, detail route survey, soil investigation, soil resistivity test, pole/tower spotting, sag & tension calculations, pole/tower selection, conductor selection, route profile drawing, layout plan and elevation of the overhead line, structural design of different types of poles/towers for overhead lines upto 33kV. We have experienced manpower and softwares to execute these works. Kindly send us an enquiry to enable us to submit an offer matching with your requirements.
    USD  7500
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    Earthing of any electrical system is of high importance for safety of working personnel and to obtain system earth for relay tripping. Earthing system is designed as per IEEE-80/BS-7430/IS 3043/IE Rules/CBIP standard as applicable. We do earthing calculations either manually by Excel or by using softwares like ETAP and Cymgrid. Lightning protection system of building and/or outdoor equipment shields them from direct lightning strike. The need for lightning protection system is first established by lightning protection risk assessment study as per IEC 62305 and then the zone of protection is calculated by using IEEE/IEC standards. We do these calculations manually by Excel. We have experienced manpower and softwares to execute these works. Kindly send us an enquiry to enable us to submit an offer matching with your requirements.
    USD  65000
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    We offer the following Design and Engineering services for 220kV Switchyard/GIS substation projects : 1. Topographical contour survey 2. Geotechnical investigation 3. Soil resistivity measurement 4. Electrical SLD, protections, metering, controls and indications 5. Survey drawings, Topographical contour layout drawings 6. Overall site layout plan drawings 7. Switchyard layout plan & elevation drawings 8. Indoor and outdoor Cable trench layout drawings 9. Earthing calculation, layout and earthing details drawings 10. DSLP calculation and layout drawings 11. Control schematics and terminal plan drawings of Bay marshalling kiosks 12. Cable schedule and interconnection diagram for Power and control cables 13. Technical specification of all equipment and materials 14. Lighting calculations, SLD and layout drawings 15. Bill of materials for cables, cable trays, racks, earthing, lightning protection and lighting systems 16. Short circuit force calculation for strung bus and rigid tubular bus 17. Fault level calculation 18. CT & VT sizing calculations 19. Battery and battery charger sizing calculations 20. Vendor drawing review 21. Civil drawings and calculations for foundations, cable trenches, culverts, drains, control bldg., GIS building, DG room, Store shed, Security room, Switchyard panel room (AC Kiosk), pump house, fire water reservoir 22. GS structure drawings for gantry towers, beams and equipment supports 23. SCADA architecture diagram, Input-Output list, BOM of SCADA system 24. Schematic diagrams, specifications, layout drawings and BOM for Fire detection and alarm system 25. Schematic diagrams, specifications, layout drawings and BOM for HVAC system We have experienced manpower and softwares to execute these works. Kindly send us an enquiry to enable us to submit an offer matching with your requirements.