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    Industrial RCC building structural analysis by Staad pro software
    USD  1000
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    We are regularly carrying out industrial building design using staad pro software. These buildings are used in EHV substations and various kind of industrial projects. Our engineers have long experience of delivering optimised civil design of such single / double / multi storied building for housing of electrical panels, switchgears etc. The designs are done as per client's technical specification and international standards like BS/ASCE etc.
    Design of Substation Automation System
    USD  3000
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    Complete design of Substation Automation (double loop configuration) system, including all (Protections main/backup) in compliance with communication protocol 61850 as specified in technical specification and shall include all required Control/Protection/Alarm Panels for 400/220/132/33kV Substations (AIS / GIS). The design includes the following submittals : - SCADA system Architecture - SCADA system Bill of material - SCADA I/O List - Technical specification of SCADA system - Interface between SCADA system and F.O communication system
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    Single Line Diagram is one of the most important piece of drawing in a Project which describes the Power distribution philosophy, voltage step down or step up, equipment ratings, cable sizes, fault levels at various buses and protective relays provided at various voltage levels. Following type of drawings are generated for various projects : Key SLD for EHV AIS substation projects. Key SLD for EHV GIS substation projects. Key SLD for HV/MV Indoor substation projects. Key SLD of Thermal Power plants. Protection and metering SLD for EHV AIS substation projects. Protection and metering SLD for EHV GIS substation projects. Protection and metering SLD for HV/MV Indoor substation projects. Protection and metering SLD of Alternators. SLD of LV Switchgear panels. SLD of LV ACDB and DCDB panels. SLD of MV/LV MCC panels. Overall SLD of Lighting distribution in Large Plants. SLD of LV Bay Marshalling Kiosks (BMK) for EHV switch yards. SLD of P.F improvement Capacitor panels. SLD of Emergency power supply from DG sets.
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    We evaluate techno-commercial bids of following systems, equipment and material or for EPC turn key bids, We do necessary correspondences with the bidders to take clarifications and bring all of them at same par. After evaluation, a technical evaluation report is sent to Client suggesting whose offers are technically most suitable with respect to the Project requirement. Offers of technically most suitable offers are then opened for price evaluation. EHV/HV/MV/LV Circuit breakers, Isolators, CT, PT, CVT, LA. Switch yard hardware, clamps, connectors, post & disc insulators. Power and distribution transformers. Earthing and lightning protection material. Power cables. Control cables. Fiber optic and instrument cables. LT switchgear and MCC panels. HV/LV motors. Substation automation system. Substation control & relay protection systems. Lighting fixtures and small power sockets. PLC & plant control desks. Erection, testing and commissioning of plant and machinery. Civil works. Steel structural works. Architectural works.